Pizza sauce is very simple to prepare and very delicious. You can prepare pizza sauce in the oven or in a pressure cooker. Both are very convenient and economical. Pizza sauce is also very popular in the Russian Federation. Mozzarella is often added to it. In this recipe, mozzarella is the main ingredient. Cheese is often substituted for chicken or fish.Another characteristic feature of the New York style is that the sauce is poured into the form of balls. This allows you to make more balls for serving. You can also lightly season the sauce with salt. Decorate it with fresh basil leaves.Now you can see that even at home you can make a delicious pizza sauce. I have shown you the simplest and most economical pizza sauce recipe. You can also prepare other dishes using this sauce. The key thing is that the taste of the sauce should resemble bread. Even without the sauce, a flatbread made from this dough will be delicious if baked in the oven. Preferably in the form of balls.Kosher salt is needed to puree the dough. You can also lightly season the sauce with a salt salt sea salt blend. I have omitted this step and leave it on the dough.The pizza sauce should turn out elastic, hands should not be particularly pestered. Just be sure to warm up the dough after rolling it. I have done this, and the sauce turned out elastic. This is natural, and it will not happen again. Just keep rolling the dough. When the dough becomes pliable, then remove the dough from the dough pan and continue with the recipe. As usual, I will answer your questions and comments! All delicious pizza in the house!Please like and subscribe!))

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